The story of Latasha Harlins as told by the women closest to her.


A personal retelling of the life and death of Latasha Harlins, the forgotten spark igniting the Los Angeles uprising of 1992, popularly known as the LA riots.



Director: Allison A. Waite


Producers: Andrés Correa & Menu’Ette Silver


Director of Photography: Kevin Caulfield


Editors: Fatima AlFulaij & Irakli Jgenti 


Production Sound & Sound Design: Jalise Beamon


Original Music Composed & Performed by: August Burton & Lawford Campbell II

Associate Producer: Marquise Mays

First Assistant Director: Derek Jay Garlington

Casting Director: Robi Reed

Iyanna Halley as Latasha Harlins


Simone Baker as Ty'bie O'bard

© USC School of Cinematic Arts 2019